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Asiluum prezinta “Flesh and Blood”

Asiluum presents “Flesh and Blood” – 10.03.2010

The Asiluum collective is very proud to present you the official release of a soundtrack that will accompany the upcoming exhibition of John U. Abrahamson, entitled “Flesh And Blood“.

This exhibition will take place in Bert Green Fine Art, Los Angeles, between March 10th and April 18th.

Flesh and Blood” will showcase 30 paintings and will be an installation work comprised also of 15 years of the artist’s journals (30-220pg each) opened on a table for viewers to destroy. Attached to the table will be a metal structure that supports a life size prone human form hovering 4 feet above the journals comprised of suspended bottles of John U. Abrahmason’s flesh and blood approx 200 vials in all.

The creators of the soundrack that will complete the exhibition are the people behind Asiluum, Costin Chioreanu – Guitars (Nightpray) and Marius Costache – Ambients, Field Recordings, Production (Discordless).

This soundtrack will also be available free for download starting March 10th 2010 alongside a virtual exhibition on Asiluum.com aswell.

More info:

Bert Green

gallery@bgfa.us 213-842-8574


John U. Abrahamson:

“I have been working with an unbelievably creative group from Bucharest, Romania in conjunction with “Flesh and Blood.” They have put together a soundtrack that creates in sound what I am trying to do with paint. I will be featuring their work on the night of the opening. They have been sending samples over the last 6 months or so but the latest sample is breath taking in it’s portrayal of my work. Color me spent from listening! I can’t wait to share!”

Costin Chioreanu:

“I was shocked when I find out from Marius that John contacted us through Asiluum for a collaboration. Now I’m shocked that we really did this, and he will really use

it during his magnific exhibition. I like very much his themes and I consider this a huge opportunity to prove worldwide that music is not dead and that artistic relationships have not borders. “

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