18 Jan

Lake Of Tears “By The Black Sea” / Out january 31st on AFM RECORDS


I had the pleasure of handling the recording, mixing and mastering of “By The Black Sea“, the new live dvd of swedish band Lake of Tears.
My friends Valeriu Catalineanu, Costin Chioreanu, Gina Sandulescu and Razvan Raduta handled the video part.
Out january 31st on AFM RECORDS in a DVD / Cd package.

Here’s a snippet:

01. To die is to wake
02. Taste of hell
03. Illwill
04. The greymen
05. Boogie bubble
06: Cosmic weed
07. As daylight yields
08. The Shadowshires
09. Raven land
10. Sweetwater
11. Demon you / Lily Anne
12. House of the setting sun
13. Making evenings
14. Crazyman
15. So fell autumn rain
16 Forever autumn

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