20 Dec

Mephitic Husk – Esoterra / out now on asiluum.com !

Mephitic Husk – Esoterra
#013 – 20.12.2009
01. Esoterra


The Asiluum clinic brings you the debut EP of Ohio’s Mephitic Husk. One single track of aproximately 14 minutes of post-black, sludge and experimental madness, Esoterra ( a combination of the stand alone words “esoteric” and “terra” ), can loosely be taken to mean land of special enlightenment, or land of the enlightened. For 2010 you can of course expect a full release on asiluum but just for this time of the year we thought on making you a little present with this special track. Turn it up real loud and enjoy your holidays!
Justin Dodd: Vocals, lyrics, Programming
Tyler Zornes: Guitar, Ebow, Programming
w/ special guest Garry Brents
Cover art/layout by Alice O’Bryan, Justin Dodd
Mixed by Justin Dodd
Mastered by Marius Costache

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