23 Dec

Playlist 22.12.2013 / Question Mark

Rwake – The Culling
Balmstrain – The thing you hate me for is also a part of the rest of me you love
Blueneck – Le:465

envy – A Breath Clad In Happiness
Ben Frost – Last Exit to Brooklyn
Orla Wren – Five Acre Ladder (Reprise)
Dan Berglund’s Tonbruket – Monstrous Colossus
Nine Inch Nails – The Great Below
DangerDoom – Mince Meat
Francois Couturier – Andrei
Dead Elephant – Bardo Thodol
Bonnie “Prince” Billy & Matt S – Matt Sweeney & Bonnie “Prince”
Watain – Satan’s Hunger
Birchville Cat Motel – Goliath Birdeater
Nils Petter Molvaer – Arctic Dub (From The Film Frozen Heart)
Neurosis – Fear and Sickness
Spineless – Pure blood
Svarte Greiner – The Boat Was My Friend
Té – A Real “Imitation” Is The Imitation That Let People See Ridiculousness Of Boring Original One.
Caspian – Some Are White Light
Ulver – Hallways of Always
Bloodway – The Skeleton Key
Skinny Puppy – Ghostman
Callisto – Stasis
Battle of Mice – Sleep and Dream
Marissa Nadler – Christine
Pan American – for ”aiming at the stars”
Silje Nes – Recurring Dream
O’Brother – Path Of Folly
Xasthur – The Prison Of Mirrors
Rosetta – Hodoku / Compassion
Celtic Frost – Obscured
General Lee – This Sea Breathes Evil
Torche – Reverse Inverted
High On Fire – Samsara
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – I’m Here To Kill You
Katatonia – Complicity
True Widow – Night Witches
The Black Heart Rebellion – Cold & Myrrh
Old Man Gloom – Common Species
Carlos Cipa – The Monarch And The Viceroy
Balmorhea – In the Rowans
Rosetta – Oku / The Secrets
School Of Emotional Engineering – Redline
Swans – You’re Not Real, Girl
Laura Marling – Devil’s Resting Place
Behold! The Monolith – Redeemist
This Mortal Coil – Song to the Siren
Mastodon – Creature Lives
Efterklang – Sedna
The Ocean – Rhyacian
pan american – retouch
Codeine – Kitchen Light
The Caretaker – I Have Become Almost Invisible, to Some Extent Like a Dead Man
Golden Arm Trio – The Duchess of Parma
DangerDoom – The Mask (feat. Ghostface)
The Re-Stoned – Northen Lights
Akron/Family/Akron/Family – There’s So Many Colors
Amplifier – Half Life
Fleet Foxes – Quiet Houses
Touché Amoré – Is Survived By
DangerDoom – No Names (Black Debbi)
Do Make Say Think – Chinatown
Psychic Love Damage
Bola – Phulcra
Praveen & Benoit Pioulard – 1991
Arovane – Instant Gods Out of the Box
Marsen Jules – Tous Les Coeurs De Cette Terre
Candlestickmaker – Flat Four
The Appleseed Cast – Raise The Sails

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