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25 Nov

Sonor Danny Carey Signature Snare Drum Samples

While testing different mics and combinations for future recordings with Razvan of Luna Amara , we thought why not share some samples of his amazing Danny Carey signature Sonor Snare Drum with you.

We used an Audix D4, a very old grundig Gdsm 202, a Sennheiser 606 and a Shure Sm57 for the top. The bottom mic is the same Gdsm 202 while on the side of the drum we put a cheap sdc. Everything is tracked at once and unprocessed so you can check out the sound of the snare drum if ever want to buy one or the differences between these mics. The preamps used are those from the M-audio Profire 2626.

The first samples are without any damping while the tighter sounding ones are with a small piece of moongel applied.

It should have been a couple more mics but unfortunately i forgot some mini tuchels-xlr adapters at home; bummer, but  next time we’ll make it up by spending more time and trying some more mics.

You can use these as you see fit without restrictions.